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  Egmond aan Zee Museum van Egmond. The permanent exhibition focuses on the past of the three Egmonds, starting from prehistoric times up to the youngest history. The attention in the first room is aimed at the Abbey, the castle of the Lords of Egmond and the emergence of the fishing village of Egmond aan Zee. The second Hall talks about the "derp" with its colony homes, fishermen, fishing vessels, traditional costumes, Egmond shells bulbs culture, rise of tourism and the lighthouse.

  Egmond Binnen Abbey of Egmond In the history of the Saint from the middle ages to the present. The Egmond Abbey was founded at the beginning of the 10th century, by count Dirk I. Initially he let women pray for the salvation of the count's family. One of the most important history books of the middle ages, the Egmond Annals, was around 1100 to Egmond. Other important historical sources are us thanks to the monks of the Egmond Abbey surrendered. The medieval history of the Abbey ends in 1573, when the Geuzen the Abbey in fire.For centuries still stand the ruins of the Abbey Church and the adjacent Neighbouring Church in the fields at Egmond. In 1800 it was in a bad memories because of the latter are also scrapped.

  Bergen between art and coast. Who enter the village of Bergen knows right away: this village is special. The beautiful location to forest and Dune, near the Sea Mountains gives an almost mystical appearance. Find also that the many artists who live here for years. The light, space and tree-lined avenues still inspire them to create much beauty

  Alkmaar from the thirteenth century grew to become an important regional market place. Around the city were agricultural villages established. The farmers sold their products in the big city. As a result, prospered the cheese market. Nowadays, the cheese market of Alkmaar primarily a tourist business. More than a hundred thousand tourists annually visit the traditional cheese market at the Waagplein for the monumental Waag building.

  Haarlem on the river Spaarne lies the captivating city of Haarlem. Since it acquired city rights around 1245, it belongs to one of the most important cities of Holland. The historic city centre with its many canals makes a pleasant impression. In particular, on the market square is bustling life around you. Among the dozens of museums is also the Teylers Museum. This art and science museum was founded in 1784 and is the oldest museum in the Netherlands. For a little shopaholic is Haarlem heaven on Earth. The city has not for nothing a number of times the price ' Best shopping city of the Netherlands '. And also the "best shopping street of the Netherlands ', Kleine Houtstraat in Haarlem.

  Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands in North Holland. The city is visited by millions of tourists every year. It has countless attractions what varies in old buildings, museums, squares, entertainment venues and festivals. These include the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum, the Vondelpark and the Royal Palace at the Dam.

  Volendam known for its traditional costumes, the fisheries and artists such as Jan Smith, Nick and Simon. In short called the eel sound. The many tourists who visit The Volendam Dijk ' run over ' along the water. There are many restaurants, terraces and souvenir shops.

  De Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood in Zaandam. It is located on the Zaan opposite Zaandijk in addition to the Juliana bridge. It is a well-known outdoor attraction with approximately 900,000 visitors annually. Formally it is not a Museum. It is set up with the intention to preserve the historical heritage. Residential buildings are also rented to residents, so that not only tourists to the area. Behind this Dyke lies the picturesque village where the streets are narrow and the houses mostly small.

  Museum Broeker Veiling, the oldest thoroughfare-vegetable auction in the world. On this historic spot in Broek op langedijk is auctioning off junction arise in 1887 and this system is now applied at all the major auctions. The memory is kept alive by the historic auction building and striking lighallen water. Museum Broeker veiling is a living museum. During the season brimming with the of the special activities for both children and adults.

  Beverwijkse Bazaar most likely this is the Netherlands's largest indoor market. Hundreds of stalls spread over a number of halls offer a wide range of goods for sale. All for about thirty years, all kinds of cultures here together to trade. Elements of this market carry the name: Black market, Eastern market, Grand Bazaar, Computer market, Hall 30, Trunk market and outdoor markets.
  Zuiderzeemuseum this museum was founded around 1948 to make sure the history around the Zuiderzee and his fishing will not be lost. For this reason, there are also some 130 buildings preserved within this area. Now are there in these homes all kinds of crafts and needlework on display or on the spot. Some examples of these are the knots of fishing nets, a brush dairy, caulking, fish Smokehouse and a sailing dairy.

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